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Vast tracks of bleak, shimmering semi-desert contrast dramatically with lush vineyards filling the Orange River's fertile valleys. The massive body of water meanders through a giant valley of its making. Home to the The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.


The Green Kalahari is a world full of wonders and contrasts. Here is where the lush green vineyards stand proud in the valley bearing magical fruits not far from where the magestic Orange River thunders into a deep granite gorge to create the mighty Augrabies Falls.

It’s a land of genuine natural beauty where the lions and the leopard, cheetah, gemsbok, springbok, and hyena roam free through beckoning bushman grass, camel thorn and shepherd trees. As you enter this land, you will soon understand and come to appreciate the land we call the Green Kalahari.


The history of the Southern Kalahari blends with the history of the people. The San (also known as the Bushmen) are Southern Africa’s original inhabitants. Many years ago, these hunter-gatherer people roamed the plains of the Southern Kalahari managing to live happily in these harsh landscapes. Today, there are only a few San people living near the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. Their ancestors have left behind many unique attractions detailing their lives and hunting antics. These include the remains of permanent settlements on the farm Bitterputs in the Verneuk Pan near the town Kenhardt as well as many fascinating cave drawings and engravings.

Other historical attractions include Schröder’s and other old mission churches, his original home, the first water-driven mill, hand-built irrigation tunnels, waterwheels, an Egyptian-styled hydro power transformer station, a historical camel thorn tree under which the first town in the region was found, war graves as well as a date palm avenue in Upington. The Green Kalahari is a word that provokes both the traveller’s imagination and emotions. It’s a completely different world boasting huge vistas, climatic extremes and fascinating adaptations to harsh conditions. Nowhere else in South Africa is the build-up of a thunderstorm as beautiful and dramatic.


Life in the green Kalahari is not only provided by the rare and strange plants, animal life or vineyards but also comes in a package full of sunlit travel delights. These include camel back trips, thrilling white water rafting, parasailing on the many pans in the region, as well as a spectacular afternoon microlight glides above the undulating red dunes and jagged mountains of Riemvasmaak and the Mier Kalahari with its 35 to 40 meters high sand dunes. There is plenty to do and see here and something for all different tastes. For the less adventurous traveller one can explore the abundance of hiking trails or enjoy canoeing, mountain biking, bird watching, game drives in the national and many exquisite private game reserves, camping and fly-in safaris.

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