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Prieska Green Kalahari | Northern Cape

Prieska is situated on the south bank of the Orange River at the foot of the Doringberg and it was originally named Prieschap, a Khoisan word meaning “place of the lost she-goat”. Prieska is renowned for its semi-precious stones.

The Schumann Rock Collection, including semiprecious stones and Khoisan stone implements, can be viewed at the municipal offices.

Prieska is set at the foot of the Doringberg, its streets littered with older, historic homes with wooden floors and tin roofs, some of which are now zoned for business. Because of where it lies it often serves as a ‘halfway house’ for those en route to Namibia.

To love Prieska, you need to have eyes for the dry country. The town is part of the ‘Rock Garden Route’ which stretches all along the N10, west to the N7 and up to the Namibian border. But once you have an appreciation for Pachypodia (called the ‘half-mens’ – half-human in Afrikaans) and quivertrees and Lithops succulents, you’ll never fancy an English garden again.

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