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Route 1 Kgalagadi

Be sure to start bright and early (no later then 6am) for this adventure if you want to complete the route in one day as the road is long but filled with character stops along the way.

Although this outing is possible to do in a day, it is advised to take two days making it a rich and rewarding Kalahari experience.

However we do recommend that you put your watch aside and relax while spending time in our beautiful area, with the unique and warm hearted people.

From Upington, take the R360 for a 180km drive to a quiet little town called Askham.

Just 50km outside of Upington you will reach your first stop called Kahalari guesthouse and Farmstal.

At this “Padstal” you can fill your basket with biltong, droëwors, homemade rusks, cookies, jams and much more while enjoying a delicious “boere” breakfast.

Continuing on the R360, pass the natural salt-pans and kalahari red dunes, drive another 130km until you reach Askham. Be sure to stop at another famous restaurant: Diamond-T Cafe a true Kalahari Gem filled with all your hearts food desire. Here you can stock up for the last 73km on the R360 until you reach the gates of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Along this 73km you will spot people from the Bushman tribe in their little huts that they pitch for tourist sensation and photo opportunities.

In Kgalagadi Park you are restricted to a speed limit of 60km/h, therefore be sure to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Just outside the Kgalagadi Parks gates you will find Kgalagadi Lodge. Here you can enjoy a scrumptious meal at their restaurant or even spend the night.

Many people prefer to spend at least 2 days in the Kalahari as the drive is long and there is so much to take in. Have a look at our list of stunning guesthouses to choose from and rather spend that extra night.

Spend time with the locals to make your stay even more memorable.

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