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Kenhardt | Northern Cape | Green Kalahari

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Kenhardt Green Kalahari | Northern Cape

Welcome to the heart of the Dorper sheep-farming area. Be sure not to miss the following activities when passing through Kenhardt!
Kenhardt (founded 1868) is a small town in the Northern Cape. This little town is about 120 km from Upington.

There is a Quiver Tree (Kokerboom) forest about 8 km South of Kenhardt on the main route to Cape Town. Walking a geological legendary granitic metamorphic outcrops of the Hartbees fragment. Beautiful quiver trees, some with special formed weaver birds nests. All kind of quartz lie scattered along the trail.

Tours will take you to pans and outlying farms where you can view San artwork and enjoy farm hospitality. On the 15km Hiking Trail are Anglo Boer War(1898-1903) remains and a beautiful landscape from the highest hill on the Drie kop River. Make your own discoveries on fossilized foot impressions and engravings on the 15km route. Carrying of water a necessity – very hot in summer.

Feed body soul and mind by paying a visit at Ouma Miemie’s Farmstall and Coffee shop. Enjoy freshly baked Milk tart, vetkoek and mince and a glass of refreshing home made Ginger beer in our antique rock garden. Be sure to stock up on koeksisters, buttermilk rusks and beautiful arts and crafts for your garden and home to remember your visit to one of the Northern Cape’s unique destinations.

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